Our campaign to fight for the people of the 77th has made the local news, he's also spoke at a number of rallies and events:

  1. Our first event that double as a campaign kickoff was a Medicare for All rally in Wyoming: Follow the link here to the WZZM article. 
  2. Robert was interviewed on the Tom Sumner Radio Program here
  3. Robert joined with the Amalgamated Transit Union (Local 836) in their fight for a fair contract. He lead groups of people to every city council meeting that is a part of the Rapid Transit Board of Directors to plead with them to offer a fair contract to the workers. His work at the Grand Rapids City Council meeting was covered here
  4. More coverage of Robert's work for the ATU can be found here and here.
  5. Robert speaking on the need for funding for special education at a rally in Grand Rapids can be found here
  6. Robert and his supporters joined LaborFest in 2017 with the assistance of the ATU. They joined with the union to protest Mayor Roselyn Bliss's involvement in the Labor Walk, considering her strong anti-union and union busting tactics. More information can be found here.
  7. Robert was interviewed on the radio program Cut to the Chase about his ideas for making Michigan a better place for the middle and working class of our state and how best to strengthen and fight for unions. That interview can be found here
  8. Robert's speech at his fundraiser, the first inaugural Drag National Convention in Wyoming: Follow the link here to the YouTube video. 
  9. Robert's interview with Between the Lines, an LGBTQ news publication in Michigan can be found here.
  10. Press coverage of a Rally for Common Sense Gun Violence Prevention organized by Robert with speakers including members of the State House and Senate, candidates for office, students from Kalamazoo Central High School organizing a petition on these issues, and the Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence here, here, here, and here
  11. The National Democratic Training Committee highlighted my candidacy as their Trainee Spotlight here.
  12. Fox 47 covered our first Town Hall on Criminal Justice Reform in Michigan featuring other candidates running for City Council, County Commission, Circuit Court Judge, and State House of Representatives. The link can be found here.