Environmental Justice

One issue that certainly affects us all is the environment. Whether it be access to clean water, breathing clean air, or having a living and working space that is clean of contaminants; issues of Environmental Justice are paramount if we are to achieve Economic or Social Justice for the people of Michigan. This is part of intersectionality.


Shutting down enbridge line 5

Enbridge Line 5 represents one of the most dangerous threats to our Great Lakes than perhaps we've ever seen. The real and present danger of an oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac is unacceptable and Enbridge Line 5 must be shut down.


invest in Solar and wind energy

We also must invest in solar and wind power with tax incentives for corporations who manufacture or invest in these energy alternatives as well as the ability for individuals and businesses who produce wind or solar power on their properties and sell it back to the grid at market rates, while receiving a tax incentive for installing wind and/or solar energy production capabilities on their property.


Holding polluters accountable

Corporate polluters must also be made to pay for the damages to communities across the state due to their negligence and greed. If you pollute a community and make it toxic for the residents who live there, you must pay to clean it up. It's a common sense solution to a major crime in our state.


Protect our great lakes

Our Great Lakes are Michigan's most precious natural resource. We must protect them from invasive species and corporations who are looking to drain our water resources dry for a profit. 


access to clean water

Every person deserves the right to access to clean water no matter what their income level or zip code is. Clean water is a public service that should be treated as a utility and not a for profit business. This is non-negotiable.